It takes a village 
to finance a child’s education.

LyfeFund gives immigrant families the tools to save money, invest, and grow.

It’s Simple

For your child’s next birthday or special occasion, invite your community of friends and family to gift into their education account.

Open a Gift Wallet for your children.

Share it with family & friends.

Contribute from anywhere in the world.
Grow your money automatically with the power of compound interest.

Why Choose LyfeFund

Let the experts invest for you

LyfeFund will automatically find you the best investments, opportunities, and ways to maximize your RESP. Just set up your Gift Wallet once, and then sit back to watch your child’s education fund grow.

Get your community involved, from anywhere

Let your family and friends share in the joy of providing an education, without the awkward questions or exchanges of cash. LyfeFund allows anyone to contribute, gives automatic prompts for special occasions, and allows you to track contributions over time.

By immigrants, for immigrants

LyfeFund specializes in serving immigrant communities, and we understand the challenges you’re facing. We have the expertise and resources to help you build your financial security, no matter where you’re from.


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How is LyfeFund different than insurance companies?

We provide digital tools to help you create an educational and financial plan to guide you in your child’s educational and financial journey. This plan goes beyond investing and covers the entire educational journey. We are continually adding digital tools to assist you.

I am already using an education insurance company, so why use LyfeFund?

We have built our tools so that you can continue to use the education insurance company of your choice. All money contributed to your GiftWallets can either be manually or automatically transferred to your existing education insurance account.

Is the money in my GiftWallet safe?
LyfeFund is working with a payment gateway process to store all funds associated with a Gift Wallet. The payment gateway processor is PA DSS & PCI DSS compliant – this ensures the payment processor has satisfied the highest level of Security Audit and authorizations. In addition, the payment processor has ISO 27001 and 22301 certification meaning that they have acceptable business practices and processes, including a robust business continuity plan.
Do I have to pay to use LyfeFund?
LyfeFund is free to use!
How do I transfer money out of my GiftWallet?
You will need to verify you identity before transferring funds from your GiftWallet. Verification helps in building trust, protecting you from fraud and allowing you to enjoy exclusive benefits. Our verification process makes sure that you have entered the correct details (phone number, email, personal information) before linking them to your account.

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